Dear friends in Christ!

I quote the book, “Mutual Ministry” by James C. Fenhagen:

“The changes being demanded of us are almost beyond comprehension…

…Ministries of caring, ministries on behalf of justice and reconciliation, ministries of witness, ministries of dialogue, ministries (which) bring Christian values to bear on the decision-making process of politics and business, ministries of support—all potentially stem from the local congregation, and when carried out with wisdom and [COMPASSION] are signs of life. The congregation is mission. The congregation is also evangelistic. Both are essential to its very nature. In looking for signs of life (we) find (ourselves) immediately looking for how his sense of mission is being expressed, and by whom. Mission, be it explicit or implicit, is the primary task of the laity. It is a task that requires training and support, a task that is essential as we confront the chaos of world faced with cataclysmic [social, political and environmental] change.”

To this I add my two cents: we are not responsible to change the WORLD, but are called to change the world around us–one person, one family, one neighborhood, one community–at a time.

The February meeting of Ministry Team Leaders and officers and the Board meeting in March will be pointing to a course of action for the congregation in 2023. The course of action is our mission!

Be Peace. Be well. Be safe. And help someone else be these things, too.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor VJ